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Paul Nadeau-

Paul Nadeau is a decorated and former police detective who completed an exemplary 31 year police service career, specializing in Hostage and Crisis Negotiations, International Peace Keeping, Homicide Investigations, Sexual Assault/Child Abuse Investigations, Professional Interrogations, Polygraph, Counter-terrorism and Domestic Violence sensitivity training. He is an admired international instructor, lecturer and keynote speaker. His premiere book, “Hostage to Myself” is drawn from his autobiography and “in the filed” experiences; it is dedicated to helping others overcome adversity and live the life they deserve to live. Paul was also the closing speaker at the TEDx Toronto conference on October 22nd, 2015 and his talk on “Finding Humanity in Terrorism” received a standing ovation. Paul has been described as a thought leader.

Paul has received the highest recommendations and praise for his professionalism and work from the International Peace Keeping Branch (United Nations) and the Office of the Independent Police Review Director and has been awarded several noteworthy recommendations. In 2005, Paul successfully negotiated a suspected terrorist into custody while on a 747 in Paris France after the suspect made a threat to blow up the plane. His life was saved by a terrorist while in the Middle East and he credits how he treats everyone “with dignity and respect” for that miracle. He is now a regular consultant for CBC World News, CNN, Global News, The Star and other major media for his Hostage Negotiations, International Peace Keeping and Terrorists expertise.


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