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Kim Svoboda-

Kim Svoboda is the founder of Aspiration CatalystTM, the premiere global executive coaching and consultancy firm specializing in helping organizations achieve significant business growth and exemplary leadership. Her entrepreneurial background and hands on approach translates to fast start, quick turnarounds, and immediate results for her clients. Her highly effective coaching approach combined with 25 years of senior leadership experience at Fortune 500 companies such as CDW, Insight, and Adobe Systems help her clients break through barriers and achieve their goals. Kim is accredited by the International Coach Federation and a Gallup Certified Strengths Finders Coach.

A strong advocate for giving back, Kim serves on several charity and nonprofit boards including: BBB of Chicago and Northern Illinois Executive Committee as Vice Chair of the Board of Directors and the Educational Foundation, At large board member of the ICF-International Coaching Federation, Chicago Board of Directors, and Fund Raising Chair for the Fred Outa Foundation which runs schools for at risk orphans in Kenya, Africa. She is a volunteer coach/mentor to high potential leaders through Menttium and the Executives Club of Chicago.

Kim has two amazing daughters who are active in horseback riding, Girl Scouts, gymnastics, softball, and cheerleading. She and her husband, Jared, live an active lifestyle which includes running, triathlons, swimming, biking, hiking, and most things that involve being outdoors. Kim walks the talk on setting and achieving courageous goals. In 2015, she realized a dream to travel the world with her husband and two young daughters. For eight months, they circumnavigated the globe as a family, visiting five continents and 26 countries. Aspiration CatalystTM is one of her courageous goals and she intends for it to become a multimillion dollar global enterprise to inspire and empower great leaders all around the world.



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