Sheyenne Kreamer teaches non-profits and individuals how to build hybrid for-profit businesses /Ep2679


Sheyenne Kreamer-

My name is Sheyenne Kreamer and I know what you’re going through.  My husband and I ran successful businesses for 15 years before we “hit the brick wall”.  For us, it manifested as serious financial challenges that we just were not prepared to deal with.  The results led us to re-evaluate our lives, our mission & our purpose.  It led us to reinventing ourselves in ways we had never imagined.  And, it has led us to a level of peace & joy that we never knew before.

If you are ready to have your eyes opened to new possibilities and new keys that can “dissolve the brick wall” that is currently standing in your way of a new level of peace, joy and prosperity, then you have come to the right place.


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