1960:Nathan Keegan, Administrative Manager at Massachusetts General...

1960:Nathan Keegan is an Administrative Manager at Massachusetts General Hospital

Nathan Keegan

Nathan Keegan-

Nathan Keegan:- Responsible for the Operational oversight of 16 adult neurology practices spread out over 9 different divisions of the Department of Neurology. Also maintain Financial oversight of 8 divisions operating within the Outpatient Clinic. Over 150 clinicians generating more than 40,000 visits annually.
– Budgetary responsibilities of over $15 million annually.
– Lead a team of 3 Practice Administrators as direct reports with overall responsibility for more than 60 FTEs as well as 1 per-diem employee and 6 temporary staff at all times.
– Provided guidance and leadership during a difficult transition of information systems in order to minimize the impact on both patients as well as administrative support staff.
– Partnered with physician leaders to increase clinical capacity and increase outpatient volume by 18% in my first 2 years.

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