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Peggy Galdamez-

Peggy Galdamez: Back in 2013, I was working as a preschool administrator, which I still am today, and have my two girls who were 2 and 5 at the time.  To go back and search my memory of what my life was like back then is an interesting walk down memory lane and I’m so glad that phase of my life has passed.  Overwhelmed is probably the best way I would describe it, with two young children, trying to juggle working full time, not feeling like I had a life at all and so very disconnected from my husband.  Not a nice picture.   I completely understand why the divorce rate is so high now with parents and young children.  Exhaustion, sleep deprivation, no time for self care or care for each other as a married couple are common challenges I think all parents face at one point, but find particularly challenging when the children are little.  I knew this was no way to live and decided slowly but surely things needed to change.
I have always enjoyed movement and learning new things, so in 2014, I decided it was high time and well overdue to find my woman cave where I could retreat, release stress and have some ME time.  That’s when I found Crossfit, which became just that, my woman cave.  I remember being so intimidated by the free weights, seeing all the people lifting heavy and knowing what all the crossfit lingo was.  Snatch and jerk were hilarious to me, and I had no idea what they were talking about.  I started with a pvc pipe and felt super accomplished when I graduated to a 15 lb bar, and then even more accomplished when I “graduated” into the regular classes and use the 33 lb. bar.  It’s been two years now and I credit this physical activity and community that I have grown to love with saving my mental sanity on many days, and giving my body some wonderful strength that I had no idea I was capable of. I weigh 113 lbs. and can deadlift 223 lbs. and split jerk 143 lbs. something I am totally proud of and never thought possible. I also got my husband on board…!
Fast forward a little further, I also decided in 2015 it was time to take action and follow the wisdom of “if you’re not happy with what you are doing, either don’t complain or do something about it”.  I found my passion, opened up new doors and became a Health and Wellness Coach for busy moms.  It was an amazing journey to undergo the education and a huge accomplishment when I received my certification.  I now get to help busy moms (like myself), lose weight, reduce stress and feel reconnected to their bodies and ultimately to their best life.  It is wonderful work, so gratifying and something I can connect with on so many levels.  I just launched my business in August 2016 and my goal is to eventually get to a point where this is what I am able to do full time.  I know my purpose and live in gratitude that I have found this connection not only to myself but with other women.
I have so much to be thankful for from where I was in 2013 and to the present.  Life is truly a journey and I can’t wait to see what else will unfold for me.  Even though I am 40, I feel like my life is just beginning and that is so exciting!
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