Shonda Holt left a 24 year nursing career to start Nourishing Everyday...)

773:Shonda Holt left a 24 year nursing career to start Nourishing Everyday

Shonda Holt-

Shonda Holt left a 24 year nursing career to start Nourishing Everyday. She is fiercely committed to working with clients to restore hormonal balance with a special emphasis on adrenal, thyroid and insulin imbalances.

Shonda Holt has been there and done it. She burned herself out, gained weight and had horrible brain fog. She struggled skiing even a 600 foot vertical. She used to say she felt like she was dying. She had met the man of her dreams and she was afraid to marry him because she felt she would be a burden.

Her doctor suggested she do some lab testing to really figure out what was going on. She learned from those tests and research that she was insulin resistant as well as in adrenal fatigue. This changed not only her health but also the future of her career.

She has lost 25 lbs and gained energy she never thought she would see again. She is happily married to that man of her dreams. She left nursing to show people what is missing so they can have control of their health.



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