Mary Lunnen passion is helping people find their way home to themselves

1106:Mary Lunnen passion is helping people find their way home to themselves


Mary Lunnen

Mary Lunnen lives near the dramatic coast of North Cornwall, in the far south west of the UK. Her passion is helping people find their way home to themselves, and rediscover their inner wisdom. She does this through the Dare to Blossom Rediscovery Process using a simple pack of cards with a single word and a colour. A powerful tool that brings people back into conversation with their own truth, starting with the most basic, in the words of one client: “Mary has helped me so much to the point where I feel like I can breathe so much easier!”

As well as one-to-one coaching, Mary runs workshops, online courses and draws inspiration from her love of the sea and natural landscape around her home, which she explores in photography and art. She began her own journey of coming home after a diagnosis of cancer in 1994 and has been challenging herself to dare to blossom ever since.

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