Diana Todd-Banks is an International Award Winning Best Selling Author

1135:Diana Todd-Banks couldn’t walk or speak for 6 months nor function for 3 years


Diana Todd-Banks

Diana Todd-Banks is an International Award Winning Best Selling Author, Speaker, Life Matters Consultant, Professional Interviewer, Estate Organizer Advisor & Baby Boomer Marketing Consultant.

Diana’s had an extraordinary life, conquered high hurdles and overcome deep lows where she couldn’t walk or speak for 6 months nor function for 3 years, then she went on to author and co-author 10 books, some of which are with the world’s top inspirational speakers & authors: Deepak Chopra, Jack Canfield Chicken Soup Series, the legendary Brian Tracy & others.

Her first book “Wrapping It Up,” now titled: “Closing the Final Chapter,” a world first on the topic, brought into the open a subject not openly discussed: How to sort, pack up and cherish end of life matters.

Diana wrote the “Estate Organizer: Recording Your Life Matters” – an important related workbook for recording important documents; then mini books on hoarding, embracing change and the sadly overlooked topic of precious pets future welfare.

Diana also wrote, along with many other experts: “The Success Secret” with Jack Canfield,
“Change Agents” with Brian Tracy, and “Cracking the Success Code” with Brian Tracy.

These books, along with other publications, can be found on Diana’s website at http://www.dianatoddbanks.com.

Previously, Diana had 25 years’ as an international food and wine consultant; was Australia’s first female wine importer in the US; has appeared on TV & radio in Australia and the US, and has a degree in the Arts and Classic Guitar, from a Chicago University,

Soon Diana will restart her popular online web TV program.


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