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Kathleen Hanagan

Kathleen Hanagan is spiritual teacher, modern mystic, psychotherapist, and author, whose work integrates the essential wisdom of the great spiritual traditions with scientific knowledge, 30 years working intimately with individuals, couples, and groups, and her own quest for liberation.

With the clarity that comes from one familiar with the territory of the heart, Kathleen shows us how to expand our awareness beyond the subconscious limitations of a culture that has lost its Soul.  She teaches us how to remain awake at every stage of the journey, so that we can do what we came to earth to do: to live wholehearted and prosperous lives of loving kindness, generosity and truth.  

In her book, Loveseed: The Template for Birthing A New World, Kathleen shows us how to live from the center of our being and create miracles through shifts in our perception, that allow us to trance-end fear,  so that we can live our Soul’s purpose in full integrity and prosperity.

You can find Kathleen at http://www.KathleenHanagan.com.



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