P.J. Dixon says—despite my disability—I’ve lived a better life than mos...)

897: P.J. Dixon despite his disability has lived a better life than most able-bodied people


P.J. Dixon-

P.J. Dixon says—despite my disability—I’ve lived a better life than most able-bodied people!

I’ve spent virtually my entire life living by Henry Ford’s philosophy, “If you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right.”  Despite being diagnosed with a rare form of Muscular Dystrophy that was expected to take my life by seven, I was encouraged to experience life to the fullest and do anything and everything I wanted; and, as a result of that attitude, . . . here I stand [pardon the pun], . . . 38 years later!

Snow Skier, Skydiver, Amateur Water Colorist, Former Wheelchair Athlete, 10th Degree Black Belt, Women’s Self-Defense Instructor, International Traveler, Published Author, Motivational Speaker, Success Strategist, and Self-Professed Advocate of Love!

I wanted to say “Love Guru,” but I thought that was a bit presumptuous [wink].  Why Love?  Honestly because I Love Love!  And, really, because I feel it’s part of my calling.

Without waxing religious—and unintentionally running people off—at 28, I had just moved to Tucson, without a job, and was praying for some wisdom about what I should do with my life.  I then opened myself up, in hopes of receiving some direction, and a beam of golden light came through the ceiling, hit me in the top of my head, filled me completely up, and I heard one word — Love!

True story!  At that moment, I knew no matter what I chose to do with my life, it wouldn’t matter, as long as I allowed Love to be my guiding light.

Since that time, I’ve spent a significant amount of time studying Love and all of it’s many facets; and, although, I’m prone to error, like everyone else—I’ve learned a lot about love and how it can profoundly influence the life of a person and any relationship it enters.

Every day, I consciously strive to positively impact the lives of every person I come in contact with—in a sincere effort to make the world a better place.  How do I do that?  By actively Loving others as much as I can and by teaching others . . . to do the same.

Peace, Love, and Persistence are my calling cards and the primary three principles I live by, which is why I’ve made these the foundations of my life, . . . and, hopefully, . . . you will too!


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