Mitchell Gaynor: Seeking Inspiring Stories & Projects to Lend my Voice to /Ep2689

Mitchell Gaynor: I’m a firm believer that you don’t have to have a “calling” to make a difference. A passion project that you turn into your life’s work is great for those who find it, but some of us, arguably the majority of us, we never figure out that one thing, that’s our thing – and that’s ok, maybe even for the best.

I’m focused on having a diversity of experiences in both my life and my career and am looking for chances to contribute to a campaign, a creative project or a team where I can both contribute my experience and learn new skills, where opportunity and expectation  aren’t limited by what your job title or role might be.

I say that to say, I’m not an exceptional person, just one who is able and curious. I am no expert of ideology like say a priest or a scholar, and certainly am not a standout in any particular hard skill like coding an app or fixing your car. But I am more curious about the world than many, and I am more willing than most to challenge my own ignorances in hopes of eventually eliminating them the only way I know how, through conversation.

Eventually conversations manifest into acceptance or in the best circumstances love and friendship. Sometimes they just manifest into shouting matches or a heated argument and you’ve got to accept those too. But I want to encourage and assist others in doing the same – to reengage rather than disengage, to manifest acceptance, find common ground, and allow ourselves and those around us, to contribute to a common future rather than a mutually assured destruction that’s promised us if we don’t.


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