Dave Chesson is a Kindlepreneur and Online Marketing Ninja /Ep2385


Dave Chesson- 

Dave Chesson is the guy behind Kindlepreneur.com, a website devoted to teaching authors about book marketing and the digital world. His works on keywords, and sales optimization have been featured and promoted by Amazon itself.

Dave is also the creator of KDP Rocket, a software that helps authors see what’s really going on in the book market, and thus pick better keywords and categories to help them sell more books.  

Having been a consultant for multiple publishing companies and NYT bestselling authors, he’s seen both sides of the writing world. 

When he’s not running Kindlepreneur, he’s usually lightsaber dueling with little Jedi, and sipping tea with princesses.


What’s new? [01:12]
How are your kids going? [02:05]
Where can we get this book? [04:13]
What are the values you maintain over the last 3 years? [03:10]
Tell us more about Kindlepreneur. [08:40]
Is there anything else you’d like to share with our amazing audience? [12:05]


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