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Tammi Durden-

Tammi Durden is a Powerhouse! Her absolute passion is to empower professional women to master setbacks and propel them forward to their divine destiny! She is the founder of Tammi Durden Ministries International, Assistant Pastor of New Faith Praise and Worship Center in Houston, TX, and the CEO of Tammi Durden International, LLC. She is an international speaker, author, and Image Coach. Tammi is acclaimed as “The Image Maker”. She believes in using her compelling story to inspire women to know they don’t have to look like what they’ve been through.

Tammi’s book, “Get Up, Dust Yourself Off And Win!” is an empowerment tool that inspires individuals to master challenges and win in life! As a woman that has experienced numerous setbacks; including divorce, bankruptcy, failed businesses, and low self-esteem (just to name a few); she personally knows that with God all things are possible, and you can Get Up and Win!

Time Stamped Show Notes:

Snippet of Tammi’s previous episode [00:28]
How are you doing? [00:54]
What’s the update? [01:09]
Talking about the Annual Women’s Empowerment Conference [01:34]
On the impact that Tammi desires in a women’s life [02:14]
Where is the best place to connect with you to find out more? [02:53]
Do you want to share a bit of what you’ve been through? [03:13]
How do you approach the challenges that occur? [04:56]
Where is your daughter at right now? [05:45]
What are you pushing forward as an entrepreneur to achieve now in life? [06:13]
How are you using insightfulness, discernment if you would, within your business model now? [07:12]
Share with us one of the books that you are currently reading [08:06]
In closing, is there anything else you’d like to share with our amazing audience? [09:34]


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