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  • Rebecca Yee-Peters has published 17 children’s books, and is a Lifestyle blogger at The Glamping Housewife /Ep 2869

Rebecca Yee-Peters has published 17 children’s books, and is a Lifestyle blogger at The Glamping Housewife /Ep 2869

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Rebecca graduated from Malone College in 2008 with a Bachelor’s degree in Youth Ministry. She started writing & illustrating in 2013, about her dog, Pookie, when she wanted a fun and wholesome story for her nieces and nephews, some of which was learning how to read. Since then, she has published 17 children’s books.

In 2015, she started attended the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and 16 months later, she was certified in 2D Animation. With that, starting in 2019, she is working on a web series and an animated movie. Also, in 2019, she turned her passion into a business with establishing The Adventures of Pookie LLC, a publishing and entertainment company.

Along with The Adventures of Pookie business, she is a Lifestyle blogger at The Glamping Housewife and author of the personal development book The Creative Minds Guide to Success. She travels full time in a 5th wheel RV with her husband and two dogs.


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