A conversation exploring the MENTAL component of the wheel of life

The Wheel of Life was has been instrumental in my accomplishments. Zig Ziglar, thankfully decided to learn and share with so many others through speaking and his many books.

I have had thousands of conversations with people from all over the world on my podcast, #12minconvos. Now I want to dive deeper into conversations. My goal is to learn more about these specific components from the wheel of life which are Mental, Spiritual, Career, Physical, Financial, Personal, Family, and Business.

Similarly to Zig Ziglar, I am sharing as I am learning.

In this conversation, I am joined by Misty Gilbert, Tammi Durden, and Thuy Pham. These women have had experiences that have shaped their mental outlook and life accomplishments. Their names are all clickable links that will take you to one of the most recent conversations I had with them. On that page, links are provided that will take you to their preferred way to be contacted.



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