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Phoenix Jackson on #12minconvos podcast with Engel Jones

Phoenix Jackson-

Phoenix Jackson is an award-winning business leader, corporate communication strategist, adjunct faculty and expert in social entrepreneurship turned author and speaker. Phoenix’s calling has been to empower women and men alike concerning their abilities to influence and impact others through entrepreneurship. Additionally, Phoenix is the co-founder of Phoenix Affect, an integrated communications and public relations firm. For profit businesses, nonprofits, professional athletes, entertainers, authors, speakers, and politicians have all been clients of Phoenix Affect, successfully being branded and manifesting their desired outcome within public influence.


Phoenix has been recognized for her intellect and results-driven leadership approach, which has led to many accolades and honors, including the 25 Top Leaders in Denver for Barack Obama’s My Brother’s Keeper Initiative, Women Making History Award, a Daniels Scholar Alumni, Denver Business Journal Making Their Mark publication , Denver’s 40 Under 40 and more.

‘Influence something”
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