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Misty Gilbert-

 Misty Gilbert : A 40 year old Women Entrepreneur, Misty Gilbert is the President of Medical Account Solutions. A business that provides Consulting, Training, Accounting, Medical Billing Services, and Administrative Services. Misty is also an Author, Blogger, and passionately seeks to share in other people’s lives by encouraging them to create the life that they want and live intentionally. Her personal goal is to share her story to encourage, support and inspire others to move past their fear and to live the abundant life God has given to us!

Misty Gilbert’s passion is to help others create the life that they want, to live intentionally, and to be authentic in all things. Choosing to find gratitude in everything and not live in fear, shame, guilt or regret. Realizing that all of us get to make choices every single day that move us in the direction of our dreams and we can do this when we ask ourselves: What would I do today if I was not afraid?

Medical Account Solutions was founded in 2004 with the sole purpose to assist entrepreneur’s and healthcare professionals with improving their business from the platform it is built on, from the image it displays through its services, with developing the leadership skills needed to grow their team, while providing information and adapting of all industry changes, to addressing the challenges that are holding your business back, by improving and defining processes that increase profits, and developing the uniqueness of your business that distinguishes you from the competitors.

We will live and work with integrity and are passionate about helping businesses find solutions and creating resolution to their challenges through a personalized hands-on approach. We aim to be kind and generous to all and a living testimony of the love, grace, mercy and faithfulness of Jesus Christ. May our faith provide us the courage and strength to persevere in all things!


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