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#12minconvos podcast with Engel Jones Day 48 of 84

The Goal 

1001 #12minconvos in 12 weeks starting from January 12th to April 2019 , with AMAZING people from all over the world.

Who did you connect with on the 28th February 2019?

1) Rachel Brownlow Lund Rachel Brownlow Lund empowers ambitious millennial women to become well-connected influencers and create incredible lives of impact. A passionate communicator and leadership coach, Rachel helps young women overcome feelings of comparisonitis and self-doubt to become confident, career-savvy changemakers who work, play and lead in their zone of genius. Rachel is located in Austin,Texas. More to come on her #12minconvos podcast episode #2244. Sneek Peek her favourite songs at 12.

2) Theresa Wiggins has 13 years of experience in the classroom as both a special educator and classroom teacher. She has taught at both the elementary and middle school level. Since 2014, Theresa has been combining her passion for kids, families, and education by founding her business, Village Parenting. Working with both schools and families, Village Parenting’s guiding belief is that the best way to educate our youth is to do it collaboratively. Theresa is located in Boston. More to come on her #12minconvos podcast episode #2245. Sneek Peek her favourite songs at 12.

3) Sherile Wiley, author, artist, and retired teacher, Sherile Reilly has jet boated in New Zealand, climbed the Temple of a Thousand Columns at Chichen Itza, ballooned over the table lands of Northern Australia, and poised for a photographer among the columns of the Parthenon in Athens, Greece. Sherille is located in Calgary, Alberta. More to come on her #12minconvos podcast episode #2246. Sneek Peek her favourite songs at 12.

4) Joie Seldon, as a trainer, coach, and specialist in the field of Emotional Intelligence, Joie Seldon, M.A. addresses the interpersonal aspects of business by teaching clients how to harness their emotions as a powerful tool for career success. Through her WINGS Professional Success program, clients learn to handle difficult coworkers, build productive relationships, and access creativity and innovation at work .Joie is located in Oakland Carolina. More to come on her #12minconvos podcast episode #2247. Sneek  Peek her favourite songs at 12.

5) Ling Ling Tai, for more than a decade has been in corporate training, learning and development of Global Fortune 100 companies, in the technology and travel industry. Her work took her across 21 countries in 4 continents, where she implements change management, cultural building as well as learning and development initiatives. Ling Ling is located in Singapore. She is the podcast host of Leaders Learning. More to come on her #12minconvos podcast episode #2248. Sneek Peek her favourite songs at 12.

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Actual Recorded
12th - 18th January
96.9 %
19th - 25th January


94.6 %
26th - 1st February


91.0 %
2nd - 8th February


88.1 %
9th - 15th February


83.5 %
16th - 22nd February


80.5 %
23rd - 1st March


2nd - 8th March
9th - 15th March
16th - 22nd
23rd - 29th
30th - 5th

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Engel Jones

I am a podcaster who has now had over 2900 recorded podcast conversations, plus 349 live interviews in 12 weeks, while driving through the 48 states of the US plus the eastern and western side of Canada.

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