Melanie Mackie is the Social Stylist and founder at Scarletta Media...)

853:Melanie Mackie is the Social Stylist and founder at Scarletta Media

Melanie Mackie is the Social Stylist and founder at Scarletta Media. Melanie is passionate about social media with soul and works with creative small business owners and expertly brings them and their businesses to life online with a blend of personal branding, social styling and strategy.   Carving out an authentic personable social identity online is a challenge for many and she intuitively unlocks her clients potential and supports and encourages them to show up online and speak out. To give themselves permission to be who they really are whilst demonstrating their unique talent. And to feel competent to use the online world with ease and in their own unique social style and flow.   Which means they feel empowered to tell their stories, confidently able to share their expertise, love to connect with and serve their people as well as grow their petite businesses.

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