1453:Nancy Meyer is the podcast host of WeMentor Mondays

1453:Nancy Meyer is the podcast host of WeMentor Mondays

Nancy Meyer

Nancy Meyer-

Nancy Meyer: WeMentor, Inc. is an innovative community where small business owners can reach their highest performance level as leaders. The inspiration for how WeMentor others will remain the emerging entrepreneurs and experienced small business owners from the past, current clients, and those we mentor in the future. Entrepreneurs are vital to our society. Jim Clifton and Sangeeta Bharadwaj Badal, Ph.D. in Entrepreneurial StrengthFinder (2014) found this to be true too. “An innovation has no value until an ambitious entrepreneur builds a business model around it and turns it into a product or service that customers will buy.’’ (p. 8)

My official entrepreneurial work began in 1992 when I founded WeMentor, Inc. This work continues to be an adventure. I am brought into thousands of entrepreneurial leaders’ lives as they take risks to advance their ideas. I get to participate in their journey. I was born to innovate. I love it!

I have had the privilege of sharing my knowledge and expertise in academic settings for 15 years. Leading a faculty research team to expand entrepreneurship education across disciplines, as an assistant professor in entrepreneurship at the University of St. Catherine, and as an adjunct professor at Saint Mary’s University developing curriculum where critical inquiry, cross-cultural studies, and interdisciplinary teaching were an integral part of the academic structure.

To provide further access to those in remote communities and entrepreneurs everywhere, I launched WeMentor Mondays with Nancy podcast program January 25, 2016, at http://www.wementor.com.

I achieved a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education, with concentrations in Music and Physical Education, from Bemidji State University, Minn., 1984. A Master of Arts degree in Special Education, with certification to work with children and adolescents with severe emotional and behavioral difficulties, earned from the University of St. Thomas, Minn., 1990.

In February 2015, I completed Yoga Calm instructor training to incorporate breathing exercises, movement, and calming techniques into my volunteer work with children in the Robbinsdale Spanish Immersion Elementary School Chess Club where my husband, Matthew Foli and I grew the club from 45 students to 180 students (within three years). Since then, we passed on running of the RSIS Chess Club to two other competent parents.

From September through December 2016, I invested 200-hours to become a certified yoga teacher and mindfulness meditator. I integrated what I have learned to rollout new programming to help you live a fuller life and succeed in your life work as entrepreneurs and business owners. Also, in 2016 I completed Brene Brown’s Online coursework for Daring Greatly and Rising Strong.

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