848:Louise Alerfors is the army veteran who turned into an international legal adviser

Louise Alerfors-

Louise Alerfors is the army veteran who turned into an international legal adviser who then turned into a statistic in the burnout section of the national health survey when accepting a job in a small town in a central part of the country where she lives, Sweden.

When fighting her way back to life and work from the horrible experience of corporate related burnout Louise found that she was no longer welcome back at her job. Her whole life was turned upside down and as Louise tried to put her life back together, with skills she had acquired throughout her life and a few very hard earned lessons from her burnout recovery, she found a mission.

Louise Alerfors decided to write “Find Your Feet” to give voice to all those people in the world who end up suffering from burnout. To let them know that they are not alone and also to instill them with hope and courage to find their way out of the darkness.

But “Find Your Feet” is not only an inspirational story of how to conquer burnout. It is also a story about exposing a darker side of society. A side where hidden agendas, political interests and power games are left to rule over such things as human decency, respect and compassion.


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