373:Joe Foley-host and creator of the No sitting on the sideline dad podcast

Joe Foley-

My Name is Joe foley
Father of a three-year-old boy
I am the host and creator of the No sitting on the sideline dad podcast.
The podcast is about having a conversation about being a dad. The issue and topic related to being dad and parent. Dad seems to always be the sidekick parent. let us get in involved and no more sitting on the sidelines. This will be a weekly podcast dedicated to having the sense of community. There will be interviews and topics about being a dad and good parent. We are all going through the same issue. I love being a dad and parent. I know the Dad stuff and parenting is not easy. I am not expert, just a dad on a Journey trying to take one day at a time in this crazy world.

The reason why I enjoy podcasting is connecting to different people through the podcast or social media.

Email: joe@nosittingonthesideline.com
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Facebook group:https://www.facebook.com/groups/308566869513041

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