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  • Maat van Uitert is an Expert in Lead Generation and Building Audiences for Cold Marketing and Re-targeting Advertising Campaigns. /Ep2349

Maat van Uitert 

Maat van Uitert: Founder of FrugalChicken, LLC, a home & garden website that reaches 20 million people monthly. Expert in Facebook, Pinterest, and Google Analytics and one of the best strategy experts for reaching the most profitable and engaged target audience in the home & garden and lifestyle sectors. Expert in lead generation and building audiences for cold marketing and retargeting advertising campaigns. If you want to reach an active and engaged audience of buyers, I can help you acquire them and turn them into brand cheerleaders.

Social media influencer reaching over 6.5 million backyard chicken, home, & garden enthusiasts monthly. 35% engagement rates on social in an industry where most businesses get 1% or less. I’m one of the best Facebook Ads, Google Analytics, & Pinterest strategy experts in the home & garden niche. If you want your products in front of the right audience, you want me on your team.

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/maat-van-uitert



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