Michelle Cameron began to nurture her writing gift at the age of 15

Michelle Cameron began to nurture her writing gift at the age of 15

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Michelle Cameron-

Michelle Cameron is a passionate writer with evident zeal that can be found on display within her various projects. Known for her brilliant repertoire as both a precise and skillful writer, Michelle began to nurture her writing gift at the tender age of 15. She released her first book, “It’s My Life and I Live Here: One Woman’s Story” in 2011. Her second book, “I’m Single. Now What? 13 Steps on How to Live Single and Free” was released in 2014. Her third book, “The Power of Purpose: Living Your Destiny” was released in March 2016.

Michelle’s latest book, “Write That Book: Tips for New Authors,” was recently released in August 2018 for pre-order and was released officially in September 2018. This book provides keen insight, encouragement, and guidance to those who desire to write and publish their first book from start to finish. 

Michelle’s message conveys sincerity and empowerment to aspiring authors. Furthermore, Michelle’s message grants her the opportunity to mentor authors on how to pursue their calling, live out their purpose, and share their impactful stories to reach many around the world.  In addition to mentoring and encouraging budding authors, Michelle provides editing services to bring an added dimension of excellence to any writer’s piece of work. 

As a former Toastmaster, Michelle is honing the art of public speaking, and also utilizes both blogging and social media outlets to inspire and uplift men and women with her personal testimony. Michelle is a licensed minister at Cathedral International in New Jersey, a founding member of New Jersey Singles Empowerment (est. 2016) and the proud mother of one son.

To contact Michelle, visit http://www.michellegcameron.com/contact-me/

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