877:Jamea Zuberi has been transforming the lives of others through education for over fourteen years


Jamea Zuberi-

Jamea Zuberi has been transforming the lives of others through education for over fourteen years. Deciding early on that she wanted to share her passion for science with young people, Jamea obtained a Bachelor of Education degree from York University. She then joined The Linden School as a teacher of Mathematics, Science and Technology, and Literacy, becoming Associate Principal in 2000.
At this unique school where girls’ voices come first, Jamea Zuberi was able to share her love of science and mathematics through the development of curriculum created to reflect gender-specific learning styles. She was also able to pass on her love of music, particularly her passion for steel pan.

Jamea co-founded the Toronto Panatics Steelband and registered Toronto’s first step dance company, Conscious Step Ltd. She also founded Blockorama –the only Black stage at the Pride Toronto Festival, as well as organized the first Mas Band – “Pelau,” now celebrating its 9th year in the festival. For her community involvement with Black Queer Youth and other LGBTTI2Q youth groups, Jamea was recognized with the David Miller Mayor Volunteer Appreciation Award in 2007.

A long-time resident and active participant in the Jane and Finch community, Jamea spent ten years coordinating a program to promote the participation of children of colour, particularly girls, in the areas of science and technology. In 2005, she took up a position at Oakdale Park Middle School as a teacher of Grade 7 students in Science and Mathematics. During her tenure there, she started a student council, led the school to a 2nd place finish in the Ontario FLL Lego-Robotics competition, started a 32-piece steel band orchestra, as well as facilitated a youth steel band project with the City of Toronto.

Jamea Zuberi also helped organize the 2007 TDSB Bicentenary Event commemorating the Abolition of the British Slave Trade, coordinated a school-wide African and Asian Heritage Month Program, is the Founding Chair of the African Heritage Committee at her school, and is also one of TDSB’s leading writers of Africentric curriculum units.


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