1410: Laura Key is a REALTOR® with a difference

Laura Key

Laura Key-


Seriously, it truly started when I was growing up in Prospect, KY and our neighborhood was truly a village where we cared for one another, shared our resources, helped those in need and created lasting memories for every family who lived there. I carry that love of community into my life and business. It truly takes a village to raise a child and that child becomes a loving caring being in the world.

Everybody has heard of real estate agents who brag about finding homes for celebrities, later using that as a tool to promote themselves and increase business. But, Laura Key is a REALTOR® with a difference, she is not only one of the most competent realtors that one can find around the Los Angeles area, but one of the very few realtors who have an inclination towards social service.

A prominent name in business since 2006, Laura Key is a compassionate, enthusiastic and dedicated woman who will happily go the extra mile to make sure that her clients are satisfied with the outcomes of the deal that they strike with her. She understands that a home has a lot of sentimental value to the inhabitants and look at it as a place for solace, peace and comfort.

*Ask about my community give back program. Inspired by the popular quote Charity begins at home, but should not end there. By Thomas Fuller, she makes sure that she is fulfilling her social responsibilities and returning some of what she takes from it.

Making a business deal with Laura Key is one of the most convenient things to do. Unlike her competition, she is a professional who will provide her personal touch to understand every requirement that her client has.


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