1674:Davender Gupta is on a mission to equip 21st-century passion-driven entrepreneurial leaders…

Davender Gupta

Davender Gupta-

Davender Gupta is on a mission to equip 21st-century passion-driven entrepreneurial leaders with the clarity, commitment, confidence and courage to make a positive difference in the world.

He believes we need a new approach to leadership to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing and chaotic future, and that entrepreneurship is the best way to ignite the imagination, focus the resources and stimulate the massive action to overcome the huge obstacles we face.

The future we desperately need will be created not by the mindset of the old guard, but by a new generation of citizen-leaders who are crystal-clear about their purpose, who are powered by the passion of a big vision, and who transform the status-quo by mobilizing communities of people to build systems which create profit and prosperity for all.

Davender is co-founder of The Scaleup Project, an evidence-based strategic action team for innovative ventures who want to grow fast by entering and dominating new markets with high-impact offers and innovative business models.

He also co-hosts the podcast series Inspiration Inc. highlighting the stories of Montreal’s women entrepreneurs who are transforming their own lives and the world around them.

Davender’s site: http://davender.com

The Scaleup Project: http://thescaleupproject.launchrock.com

Inspiration Inc. with Davender Gupta and Donna Saker:  http://podcastinspirationinc.ca

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