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Joy Poskozim

Dr. Joy Poskozim wanted to be a dentist in the eighth grade when she had her braces. She was fascinated by her teeth moving into place to have a nice smile! It took 3.5 years, but once they were off, she knew dentistry was for her. The oldest of four, Dr. Poskozim grew up in Park Ridge and graduated from Maine South in 1990. She then attended Marquette University in Milwaukee, WI because this college had a dental school on campus. Joy sat in one dental class and was hooked. New York University College of Dentistry became the school for her, staying in New York City for 6 years.

She completed a General Practice Residency in 2000 at Woodhull Hospital in Brooklyn, NY, then worked in Manhattan for one year. In 2006, Dr. Poskozim found a practice in the Sauganash area of Chicago on the Northwest Side.

Thanks to her grandmother, who needed a new lower partial denture but could not leave the house, Dr. Poskozim now makes house calls.  Ten years later, providing oral care in Chicagoland in the comfort of seniors’ homes/assisted care facilities has become an integral part of her dental practice.  One out of ten seniors die from dental neglect.  It has now become Dr. Joy’s mission to see a dental room in every assisted care facility.  

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