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Christine Boyle –

Christine Boyle :

-Newly wed this past August 2016

-Soon to be first time grandma – 4 weeks from now! Woohoo!

-family support to aging parents

-completed 2 year professional coach training with the Coaches Training Institute

-certified as professional coach with the International Coaching Federation

-earned certificate of training in Humanity’s Team “Conscious Business Training Program”

-earned 1st and 2nd degree Reiki designation

-entered 20th year of study and practice as an Aboriginal healer

-keynote speaker on platform with representatives from Canada Post, Microsoft

-volunteer with local Chamber of Commerce

-volunteer coach with the Humanitarian Coaches Network (providing support to global NGO staff)

-re-launched Fusion Enterprises business: “building business, leaders and lives heres my biz blurb:

 Christine offers a unique, distinct and powerful blend of consulting and coaching services; she works with clients from the “inside-out” helping them make changes in their lives at home and work so they are less stressed and living the full, rewarding life they yearn for and deserve.

In addition to her 20+ years business and corporate experience my clients benefit from her many years of conscious studies and holistic training, fast-tracking client’s results.


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