461: Twelve Minute Convos w/ Cardiff Hall

461: Twelve Minute Convos w/ Cardiff Hall

Cardiff Hall-

Cardiff D. Hall is an inspirational author, speaker and mentor who has a burning passion for life. He helps individuals transform their self being, so they can direct the course of their life to reach and sustain achievement, bringing more joy and fulfillment in their journey of life.

From his published book entitled Tide Turners – The Practical Guide to Help You Feel In Control, Experience More Joy and Sustain Achievement in Life, to his online content, Cardiff offers a sound foundation. His message is aimed at helping the goal seekers and the individuals who feel they are drifting through life, turn the tide.

Cardiff Hall provides strategies, tactics and insights on turning the tide in life through his book and online resources. He writes a weekly blog entitled Sustained Achievement at http://www.cardiffdhall.com where readers gain knowledge and actionable items to help them along in their journey of life.

Inside Tide Turners, Cardiff shares his own personal stories which have impacted his journey and how he embraced the waves to reach achievement. Cardiff has experienced things which could have sunk his boat, however his relentless optimism, vision, positivity and joy kept his boat afloat.

Cardiff Hall is scheduled to be on the ‘Entrepreneur on Fire’ and the ‘Success to Significance’ Podcasts in early 2017 at this time.

He is a graduate of Brendon Burchard’s High Performance Academy and has applied these learnings in his personal life and in group coaching he facilitates.

Cardiff and his wife Dawn and daughter reside in Minneapolis area.

Cardiff can be contacted through phone, email or online at:

 (612) 594-2550


 cardiffdhall.com


 Twitter (@cardiffdhall)

 LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/cardiff-d- hall



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What a wonderful idea and a fabulous concept. I have enjoyed listening to a number of your calls. Especially enjoyed Cardiff Hall. Excellent enthusiasm.

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