885:Dr. Voice has been responsible for the development of Singers Performers


Dr. Voice-

Dr. Voice says, The last 3 years I have worked with Voices from all over the world. I have been responsible for the development of Singers Performers – my recent being Sam Smith where he trained with me for 4 years

He then won the Brit Awards and was the first Gay singer to receive a Grammy award for the Bond theme.
He took the world by storm because of his amazing unusual tones that I had helped him texture through constant analysis  and vocal building
I also produced his first Demo album which is featured on my website.

I currently work with the CEO’s of Large companies by helping them develop their Voices for Business and have been doing this for the past decade

The Dr Voice Brand has become world renowned through CNN who called me “ The Global Influencer of the Voice”
(Also featured on my website)

I have just started up my own Dr Voice Academy and had some major successes with some of my pupils who have received record deals as they have become fully developed artist’s based on my Academy.

I am a Life Coach come Vocal Coach and spent 8 years with Tony Robbins.

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Musical Background: ‘TAKE THE CHANCE’ by Nicolai Heidlas

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