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Traci Reuter


Traci Reuter believes that entrepreneurs and businesses can change the world. As the Founder and CEO of Divine Social, she is able to apply over 25 years of sales and marketing experience to every situation and has an uncanny ability to look at a business and instantly see the right strategy to generate results.


Traci is certified in all things Facebook Ads, as Divine Social current manages nearly $4 million in ad spend, and she was recently a contributing author to the best-selling book, “Ultimate Guide To Facebook Advertising, 3rd Edition”. Whether you have a high-end offer that you market with a webinar, multiple brick and mortar locations or an e-commerce or Amazon store, Traci is obsessed with helping you to have the confidence that you have the right Facebook or Instagram ads strategy in place for your business.


Traci is no stranger to the stage. She’s regularly consulted as an industry voice who is in tune, on top of, and ahead of trends with the pulse of what’s working now in digital marketing. She was the co-host of ‘The Social Media Marketing Happy Hour Podcast’, featured on Entrepreneur.com as the #1 Value packed podcast for entrepreneurs. The Social Media Marketing Happy Hour Podcast received over 1 Million downloads in the first 5 months of being on air.


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