Cara Brzezicki is the Owner at Jazzie Beans LLC, Founder at Sippie Clippie & Flusher Blocker /Ep2739

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The Flusher Blocker™️ prevents the automatic toilet from flushing!

Jazzie Beans Saves the Planet is a cute children’s book about a spunky little dog named Jazzie Beans. She goes on a journey and meets new animal friends while teaching them about our growing plastic pollution problem and how to recycle. Kids (and adults) love it 💜💜

One of the parent’s problems with their babies or toddlers is having them throw their sippy cup and having a huge mess on the floor, just to clean it up and the toddler throws it again. I have created a solution to this problem. The Sippie Clippie™ is a patented clamp and cord accessory to prevent sippy cups from hitting the floor.


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