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Anastasia Button- 

Anastasia Button: Author of the published book, #NewJobNewLife: The Millennial’s Take-Charge Plan for Success, Anastasia is an international public speaker, cross-generational workplace and talent management corporate consultant and trainer, and an Adjunct Professor in Executive Education at University of Denver Daniel’s School for Business.

Featured in media on Millennials, entrepreneurship, and leadership including Inc. Magazine, Monster.com, 9News, TED magazine, and 50+ interviews on a variety of entrepreneur podcasts and live shows. 

She has helped medium to large businesses in cross-generational leadership and talent management from Western Region franchise owners of Express Employment Professionals to Anadarko Oil & Gas.

As a Colorado Native, she loves snowboarding, micro-brews, and unicorn onesies.

Time Stamped Show Notes:

How are you doing? [01:09]
Give us an update, please. [01:34]
On being humorous [02:03]
On the topic of being authentic [03:07]
On the influence of her mother [04:25]
On slowing down to speed up. [05:31]
On the power of being present [07:03]
Have you had a conversation with death? [07:58]
Where is the best place to connect with you? [09:24]
In closing, is there anything else you’d like to share with our amazing audience? [10:14]

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