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  • Glen Dunzweiler is a Filmmaker/Producer and Entrepreneur living in Los Angeles /Ep 2857

Glen Dunzweiler is a Filmmaker/Producer and Entrepreneur living in Los Angeles /Ep 2857

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Glen Dunzweiler is a Filmmaker/Producer and Entrepreneur living in Los Angeles. His mission is to grow people into wealth. The stories he tells are ones of social responsibility and success out of poverty. He is the creator of the documentary “Homeless?” on Amazon Prime; the author of the books Things I’ve Learned From The Homeless and A Degree In Homelessness? Entrepreneurial Skills for Students; and the speaker of “Small Business Homeless” – a TEDx talk. His next film is a biopic called “Deuce”. It’s an urban travel film about what a hustler from Chicago can do when you take him out of his dead-end environment.


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