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Eldyka Simpson-

Eldyka Simpson is a Holistic Healer turned Birth Warrior turned Soulful Sister!
I have been providing holistic care to patients throughout Alberta since 1995. I hold certification in both Acupuncture and Massage Therapy, and have extensive additional training in craniosacral therapy, meditation, pregnancy& fertility care, and sacred rituals.  I effectively combine all modalities into my treatments, treating patients with a nurturing and intuitive spirit.

As a bodyworker, I work with patients from infancy and onward, honouring their journeys and offering support in whatever form is required.  I believe deeply that my patients hold within themselves the ability to heal themselves.

As a doula, I empower clients throughout pregnancy, labour and into parenthood, to create an extraordinary birth experience.  I believe in a new paradigm of birth – one where women are empowered and encouraged to find their inner strength.

As a facilitator of Soulful Sisterhood retreats and circles, I hold space for women to find authentic connections within themselves and their community, through deep reflection, release work and spiritual connection.  I believe that when Women circle together, miracles happen, and am blessed to have my Soulful Sisters in my life and in my tribe.

I care deeply, and truly look forward to welcoming you to Ripple Effect Wellness Centre.

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