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Grant Garrison

Grant Garrison


Grant Garrison: I was born and raised into the Entertainment Industry with amazing parents and Johnny Cash as my Godfather, followed by decades of working years as a Creative Technologist, Multimedia Expert with Multiple Certificates, a BA, 20+ years of Studio and Agency experience.

For more than a decade I’ve Production and Creative Designed Movies and Music Videos, Mixed/Engineered and Produced both Live and Studio Productions; Ranging from Audio and Video for a variety of major network television channels (ABC, NBC, CBS, and more), to Live Venues, Union and Non-Union Productions.

I have thousands of hours under my belt in the Art Department, Special Effects, Stunts, Pyrotechnics, behind and even a few IN FRONT of the camera. Streaming Sites, Bands and Solo Artists, and continue to do so as a hobby and for freelance projects.

I am also an accomplished web developer, LAN/WAN/SERVER Administrator, with experience using a variety of CMS and e-Commerce platforms such as Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, AEM(CQ5), Magento, Woo-commerce; Various Shopping Cart/Merchant Gateway setup and administration. And to round it all out, I’ve been a Technical Writer, Publisher, and Editor, and have created Award Winning Software Packaging for Samsung, Ad Copy and, Marketing Materials for Honeywell, Manuals and Technical Publications, and was the Technical Publisher of NORTEL NETWORKS (Simi Valley Division leading teams of 10+ Writers and 20+ Engineers, when I was 24), Re-Branding for The Monroe Institute, and much much more.


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