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Deborah Sawyerr

Deborah Sawyerr

Deborah Sawyerr is an entrepreneur, an international public speaker and published author. She is an expert money literacy educator for kids.

She is a survivor and subject matter expert who advocates against domestic violence suffered by women. She focuses on teaching women who are victims and survivors to create wealth where money problems are contributing factors to their experiences.

She holds a BA(Hons) Housing Management and Development from University of Westminster, London. She has worked with many Public Sector housing teams serving victims of domestic violence whilst she silently endured her own struggles of abuse.

She is a loving and devoted mum to her 2 young daughters who were instrumental in helping her write her first book called Play Your Cards Right – a book designed to help parents teach their children how to be money literate.

She divides her spare time spending it with friends and family, attending tennis tournaments and enjoying all things holistic living. Her ultimate vision is to give back to Africa by educating market women traders in money literacy.


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