Winston A. Henderson figured out strategies that help break through mental barriers to success

1137: Winston A. Henderson figured out strategies that help break through mental barriers to success


Winston A. Henderson


Hi I’m Winston A. Henderson , born, raised and living in the beautiful island of Jamaica, home of the fastest man in the world Usain Bolt.

I know typically when you click on and read the ‘About’ page the first thing you’re expecting is me talking about myself, and all the wonderful amazing things I have done that you really don’t care about. To be real with you this blog isn’t About Me, it’s About Us (You & Me).

Like many of you, I’ve struggled with fears, self-doubt and lack of self-confidence, uncertainty and inconsistency, insecurities and just feeling like I wasn’t good enough to really accomplish anything or do anything meaningful with my life.

  • Fear of putting myself completely out there because I was worried about what others may say or think about me
  • Always doubting if I was good enough or smart enough to lead anyone because I had no experience doing so (even though I was always being told how much potential I have)
  • Being in sales, and yet not wanting to walk up to a complete stranger because I feared rejection and being told ‘No’
  • Fearing success because I didn’t want to be in the spotlight to be noticed out of fear I may mess up and be ridiculed for it (this one came as a surprise to me)
  • Believing in an idea with all my heart, but not having the support of those closest to me and feeling many times like giving up
  • Questioning my own worth, if I was really meant for anything more than what my life was because no matter how hard I tried nothing ever seemed to work out for me

However, I’m grateful that my hunger for more out of life, and refusal to settle, has never allowed me to quit on myself. This hunger created an insatiable curiosity, which has led me to become an obsessive student of success. I have spent years learning from the best and those who have excelled at the highest level in their craft.

Then through many experiences of errors and terrors, fears and tears, I finally figured out the strategies that helped me to break through the mental barriers that have held me back for over 10 years, and finally start to see progress in my life!

My greatest hope is that I can help you do the same, and feel The Joy of Progress and Accomplishment.

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