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Joy Bretz

Joy Bretz is the Founder of nJOYBnFIT, a Health and Wellness company dedicated to helping stressed out professionals, reclaim their time, reduce stress,  live a healthy lifestyle and have financial peace.  Before devoting her life to nJOYBnFIT, Joy served as Corporate Treasurer for several large corporations over the course of her 24 years in Corporate America.    She worked her way up the corporate ranks and managed in her career, corporate investment portfolios in excess of $100M to $2.5B in assets.  She excelled personally and professionally during her career; however, she still felt like something was missing.  

 One day while sitting at her desk, looking outside the window watching the cars drive by, the planes taking off to different destinations and the people outside enjoying life, she realized that she had to change her path.   Joy made the decision to leave her day job behind because she was tired of just existing and not living.  Stressed out, living in time bankruptcy, being passive about finances and neglecting her health was no longer acceptable.  She went searching for answers one day and what she founds would forever change her life.  Joy went back to school and received her certifications in yoga and holistic nutrition.  It was through these teachings that she realized the correlation of mind, body, spirit and finances to Find Your J.O.Y. ©

Website: http://www.njoymindbodyandsoul.com

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