1793:Teri Wellbrock's life purpose is to make a positive difference in the...)

1793:Teri Wellbrock’s life purpose is to make a positive difference in the lives of others

Teri Wellbrock

Teri Wellbrock-

Teri Wellbrock is a trauma-warrior, having survived and thrived after learning to cope with her C-PTSD symptoms and 25 years of severe panic attacks by utilizing EMDR therapy, personal research and learned coping skills along with a foundation of faith and positivity. She is currently writing a book, “Unicorn Shadows”, about her multiple traumas, with the intent to help others reach their own joyous and peaceful existence via her “story of hope”. She has also started speaking publicly about her triumph over trauma, having recently addressed over 250 attendees at a trauma conference in Cincinnati, OH. Teri is mom to three beautiful children; owns the Milford Ohio based business InvizaShield; graduated magna cum laude from the University of Cincinnati with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology; has written a children’s book, “The Doodle with the Noodle”, with her daughter, about their Therapy Dog, Sammie the Labradoodle; has created the Sammie’s Bundles of Hope project (bags filled with trinkets of hope to be donated to children with trauma history); and is producer and host of The Healing Place Podcast on iTunes. Teri’s professional history includes managing, teaching, and case management with a mental health agency. Her life purpose is to make a positive difference in the lives of others, particularly children, and shine a light of hope into dark spaces.