1519:Kirsty Farrugia is the owner of Feels Like Home Professional...)

1519:Kirsty Farrugia is the owner of Feels Like Home Professional Organisers

Kirsty Farrugia

Kirsty Farrugia-

Hi, I am Kirsty Farrugia. I am a Professional Organiser, wife to THE most organised man alive, Mum to a 8-year-old boy and 6-year-old girl. I was born in Sydney but lived most of my life in Melbourne so I feel like a Melbourne girl, however, we have built a home out in Norwest Sydney and are committed to making community here. I love my friends and family deeply, almost as much as I like chocolate :-), I love reading any books and going on scary rides at Wet n Wild. You’ll find me helping at the Canteen at or reading groups at my kid’s school or catching up with friends in my spare time. I am a big fan of TRUTH and FREEDOM!


I partnered with Melbourne based Professional Organiser, Amy Revell to share, from our years of experience, our top tips and tricks around decluttering and organising your home. Hear the stories from our years in clients homes, and the ways we organise our own homes. To listen, search ‘The Art of Decluttering’ on iTunes, on Stitcher (for Androids) or CLICK HERE to listen via our podcast page

Feels Like Home Professional Organisers was established in September 2012. I have been serving and training clients to restore order from their clutter around the Hills District and throughout Sydney. I am passionate about helping to bring about transformation to client’s homes and minds through patient and non-judgmental training of living clutter free.

I am passionate about seeing people live in the FREEDOM that having a decluttered and organised home provides. I love knowing that our clients become FREE to enjoy life more fully due to the drastically reduced stress and chaos and the increased time and money having an ordered home brings.

My husband is a natural born organiser and as a new friend said to me the other day, I have been his apprentice for 16 years now :-). He really has taught me most of what I know as I am not naturally inclined to keep my home looking like a display house (just ask him or my Mum, Dad, and siblings!).  I, therefore, can enter my client’s world from a place of understanding and compassion and am very well trained in the art of order and transformation!

BC (Before Children) I was an Accountant and Financial Planner but love my new career with a passion I never had for accountancy.


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