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Inés Ruiz-

Inés Ruiz is an e-Learning and instructional designer and founder of the Women Entrepreneurial School, the first three-prong online education school to help women learn the individual tech, business and marketing skills they need to start or level up their business with less craziness.
Creator of the first-ever Virtual Learning Platform at Anglia Ruskin University and the first Moodle for the Spanish department at Cambridge University, Ines has myriad experience both teaching and creating virtual learning programs a She has experience designing and creating courses and has experience teaching online.

A the university level, in addition to the lecturer position and instructional designer, she work for Christ College in Cambridge as a supervisor

Often touted as an inspirational and motivational teacher, Ines’ has worked with hundreds of students at the university level who says they love her logical and simple teaching style.

In 2012 she created a highly-successful education business that expanded to more than 30 schools including Cambridge, Oxford and Edinburgh and soon moved the Operational Manager

Speaking of managing, Ines has also worked as a project manager for several coaches in the online entrepreneurial space and soon realised there was a huge lack of structured and easy to follow courses – and a huge opportunity. In 2016, Ines launched WES as a one-stop shop full of courses for women entrepreneurs in everything from technology to marketing.

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