1143:Suzanne Duncan says “For 3 years I cared for my terminally ill husband…


Suzanne Duncan

Suzanne Duncan says “For 3 years I cared for my terminally ill husband, who desperately wanted to live and had so much to offer, only to fade away and lose his life to cancer. He was 44 years old.

This really brought home to me that life is so valuable, so precious, so worth living to the full. Put effort in; embrace life, engage with it and work towards being the best version of yourself so that you can give and contribute to your children and others success with gratitude and joy.

Earlier this year I was privileged to be given the opportunity to attend Tony Robbin’s Date With Destiny on the Gold Coast. I went to it not knowing what to expect and came away from it with so much learning and inspiration. I was overflowing with excitement! At around the same time I signed up to write a book called All By Myself & Rocking It! – How to be Successful at Single Parenting. I’m not sure where this urge came from but I suddenly felt I had a purpose to champion other single parents.

I had a teaching qualification and a background in the medical research and pharmaceutical industries. I have always had an interest in neuroplasticity and as a Feuerstein Practitioner, have been able to use this methodology with school aged students. But it wasn’t enough and, serendipitously, I came across The Coaching Institute (TCI). Again, not really knowing what to expect I went to my Foundations of Coaching Success weekend in July.

It is such an uplifting experience to walk into something new and know immediately that this is where you need to be, where you are surrounded by like-minded people who what to learn, grow and evolve. The TCI community enriches, encourages and nourishes aspirations.

As of September 2016, I am coaching 2 pro-bono clients, establishing my consulting business called ‘Discovery Within’, writing my book, studying to become financially literate, studying to become accredited as a coach, and parenting my three beautiful children.

Within the last month I took an unexpected opportunity and did a 134m bungy jump in New Zealand.

With my eyes wide open.

I am free Soaring like a bird.

Anchored like a tree.

I am free.

Living, loving, laughing, learning.

I am free!

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