1277:Mark Struczewski is a a next level productivity specialist

1277:Mark Struczewski is a a next level productivity specialist

Mark Struczewski

Mark Struczewski-

Mark ‘Ski’ Struczewski is a Next Level Productivity Specialist. He is a productivity and time management consultant, accountability partner, speaker, author, trainer, and workshop facilitator who helps entrepreurs, corporations, small businesses and individuals take their productivity to the next level. He is also the host of The Mark Struczewski Podcast.

Mark is the author of two books, How to Overcome Roadblocks on the Path to Your Success in 2014 and A Succès Fou Life: What It Is And How You Can Live It in 2011.

His passion is to teach people how to become productive and therefore achieve the goals and dreams they want. No matter who you are, what you do, or where you are, anyone can improve their productivity. Mark’s presentations provide audience members with strategies they can use immediately to help them become more productive and to achieve their dreams.


(713) 702-6052

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