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  • Oluwayemi Odubote is the CEO of Imey Solution Consult and the founder of ImeyReach /Ep2281

Oluwayemi Odubote

Oluwayemi Odubote is a solutions consultant in the broadband communications industry, solving queries and business related issues in the Banking, Agriculture, Oil and Gas, and Education sector in Africa.

He is the CEO of Imey Solution Consult and the founder of ImeyReach – a foundation that focuses on giving mental empowerment to youths to having a growth mindset towards life; to change unwanted behaviors and have a direction as regards career and skills management.

Oluwayemi is a Computer Science graduate from the Federal University of Agriculture ,Abeokuta. A certified life coach, an international project manager and a project manager for development.

His greatest fulfillment is seeing youths that has undergone his programs/trainings living a purpose driven life.



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