1180:Shawn Matthews is a creative professional with 25+ years of experience.

1180:Shawn Matthews is a creative professional with 25+ years of experience.

Shawn Matthews-

Shawn Matthews is a creative professional with 25+ years of experience. He has written songs for the Baha Men, worked with billion dollar brands, worked on political campaigns, and has been inside the U.S. Capitol in a banana suit. He helps startups, billion dollar brands, & struggling businesses grab attention using story, organic product placement & social ampilfication to create measurable growth. His team creates streetwise, engagement-driven, brand experiences, launches, videos, and social campaigns that deliver. 

Highlights include:

• Created, Produced, and Launched, #systemania, an integrated marketing campaign for a local bank that included a series of videos, content production, and a 16 week award winning t-shirt toss campaign on the campus of Missouri State University

• Created, Produced, and Launched, Operation #woodpin, a social experiment launched at SXSW 2016. Using only a bag of twenty-seven clothespins and a stack of Post-it Notes, the campaign has already reached Gary Vaneyerchuck, Airbnb, and social influencers like Marcus and Angus Nelson.

• Created & Produced Scope Out America, the 1st cross country scavenger hunt television show broadcast on Periscope, attracted over $50k of sponsorship, including eHarmony. Reached 4.4M impressions on Twitter had 25k Periscope viewers who left 29k comments and gained 1.2M hearts during the two-week campaign.

• Secured 1,750+ RSVPs nationwide in a 2-week influencer campaign promoting a documentary film about patent reform.

• Set record traffic for Odesk with the Digital Nomad Film, earning worldwide media attention and 60k Youtube views.

• Designed fundraising banners with the Wikimedia fundraising team, one variant increased donations by 14.3%.

• Crowdfunded $45,000 for an album project by musician Andy Zipf, 3 years prior to Kickstarter

• Created a viral marketing campaign called Combat Chuck, building a fan base of over 1.5M people 10 years prior to social media, for $300.

• As a touring professional musician & songwriter, his credits include projects for Universal Pictures, E! Television and MTV.


Shawn Matthews

Chief Creative Officer

Swagbot Creative


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