342: Twelve Minute Convos w/ Sabah Ali

342: Twelve Minute Convos w/ Sabah Ali

Sabah Ali-

Sabah Ali is currently a student who is a junior at Iowa State University studying a double major in Apparel Merchandising and Business Management. She is a fashionista, inspirer, and motivator who blogs on her website about daily lifestyle tips and motivational pieces. Sabah lived the regular college lifestyle until about a year ago when she acquired a positive mindset when she met her role model and mentor. Since then Sabah has managed to attain many skills, manage a fashion show with the Iowa Fashion Project, and publish her own website with insightful blogs. She is passionate about inspiring others and helping them throughout her own experiences as she continues to learn and flourish.


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Engel was born and raised on the twin island republic of Trinidad and Tobago. He is the podcast host of  "Twelve Minute Convos w/ Engel Jones", an Entrepreneur and Life Coach. His passion and purpose is to help you the Entrepreneur find Y.O.U.R.S-Your Own Unique Real Self. After having 1001 conversations in 3 months he uncovered Y.O.U.R.S, a tool used to reconnect you to the hidden passion and purpose which are essential to creating a brand of Y.O.U.R.S. Engel believes and lives the principle of Zig Ziglar where you can have everything in life if you help enough other people get what they want.


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