1418:Randy Magray is a diverse entrepreneur with many talents and areas of expertise

Randy Magray

Randy Magray-

Randy Magray is a diverse entrepreneur with many talents and areas of expertise. Among those areas are business owner, sales trainer, freelance video and media producer, newsletter editor, and most recently, podcaster. Communicating effectively is the common thread in his professional success.

Randy Magray was born and raised in Green Bay Wisconsin and currently lives in the Orlando Florida area with his wife Heather and daughters Ellie and Emilie. Family and ministry are at the forefront of everything and guides his purpose.

Randy is a founding member and current Vice President of the nonprofit ministry, Lifestreams Media Inc. This endeavor produces Christian programming targeted at post-collegiate young adults. He was the Producer of Lifestreams TV flagship program Hope on Fire, and at the forefront of its complete makeover and relaunch into production in August 2009. It is still being broadcast globally on numerous distribution outlets including DirecTV, HCBN, The Hope Channel and more than 70 FM radio stations.

Currently he is the Senior Video Editor at Duck Duck Video, and the Host and Producer of the podcast; :15 With Andy, Randy, & Jeff (https://www.spreaker.com/ user/fhcpodcasthttps://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/15-with-andy-randy-jeff/ id1123395140?mt=2)

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