Anthony Verna focuses on Trademarks, Patents & Copyrights /Ep2453

Anthony Verna focuses on Trademarks, Patents & Copyrights /Ep2453


Anthony Verna- 

Anthony Verna: Intellectual property (IP) starts with an idea. From that idea, a product or service is grown. The name of the product is its trademark. The new product can be protected by a patent. Any documentation falls under copyright. That combination grows into a business. And from that business, other ideas grow. Those who grow those ideas? People. Helping those ideas be more than ideas is the foundation of my law practice.

I collaborate with my clients to create ideas to develop and protect more products and services. I am there to help a business defend those ideas, brands, products, and how to advertise them all.

I have won damages for clients whose products have been copied. I have won damages for clients whose trademarks have been infringed. I have protected clients from paying maximum damages when they have been sued for any intellectual property action.

Ask me how I changed the comic book industry through copyright law.

Time Stamped Show Notes:

What’s going on? What’s new? [01:18]
How’s being an extrovert affecting the business and how you’ve been growing? [02:19]
Law and Business podcast, how’s that been going? [02:50]
Where is the best place to connect with you? [03:23]
Do you still have a diverse clientele? [03:54]
Do you have any regrets? [04:29]
Have you had the conversation with death? [06:35]
How have the decisions you’ve made to follow your dream impacted your wife? [07:23]
In closing, is there anything else you’d like to share with our amazing audience? [08:40]

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